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Water adds dynamics to a city. With the extension of the Kanaal from the Havenkade to the Vaart, we want to stimulate recreation. This makes the center of Assen an attractive destination in the itinerary Meppel - Assen- Groningen. At the same time we tackle the surroundings. The public domain is redesigned. We do this primarily for local residents. Also for cyclists this will be a beautiful and good route. The refurbishing of the Kanaal creates space for housing construction.

What will happen?

The Kanaal will be brought back to its original width of 15 meters. Six new movable bridges will be created. These are:

  • the bicycle bridge at the Vaart
  • the car bridge Nobellaan/Weiersstraat
  • the bicycle bridge at the Venestraat
  • the bicycle at the Molenstraat
  • the car bridge Groningerstraat

a new, double car bridge in the Industrieweg

We will construct two sluices to absorb the level difference of 4.80 meters between the Kanaal and the Havenkanaal. In addition, the public domain around the Kanaal will be redesigned.